• When you reserved a wish, no one else will be able to reserve it anymore. Now everyone who looks at the wishlist will see the wish as reserved, and know that someone else will obtain the present.\r\nThe creator of that wishlist won\'t be notified or see that of course - it will still be a surprise.\r\nIf you changed your mind you can always cancel your reservation in "reserved wishes".
  • If you are the first to participate, everyone from now on will see that you are searching for more people to share the cost with. If more people click on "participate", you will be informed about it per email, so that you can contact the participating persons. If people are already participating when you see the wish and you join them, then the person who started the cost sharing will receive your email, so that you can be contacted.\r\n\r\nSometimes a present can be quite big, so it can make sense to share the cost with more people!