ylyke - this is how it works


Our Mission

Christmas, invitations, or collegues birthday. We think gifts should bring joy to our life. 

What is required?

3 steps to enjoyable gifts

Register at ylyke with Name and email.

Put the things you like to have or you like to do into your personal wyshlyst.

Share your wishes with your frynds – these are the persons entitled do see your wyshlyst.

Who can see my wyshlyst?

The access is limited to the frynds you invited. Your frynds are not visible to each other.

How my wysh come true?

Your frynds see your wyshlyst an can make reservations. Once reserved, the item is no longer available for other frynds. The reservation is valid for 6 weeks. It is also annulled if the wish is canceled by the ylyker.

Any reservation is confirmed by mail. The frynd can undo the reservation or confirm.

You don’t see the reservations. Hence you will learn by surprise, when frynds drop in with pleasing gifts.

No more ylyke?

The ylyke service can be ended at any time and free of cost. It is simply required to click the button „unsubscribe“, available in the setting menus.